Monday, December 8, 2014

Would I Suggest The Minecraft Course?

I Would Recommend The Minecraft Course As You Can Create A Community In It, And You Can Be Able To Collaborate With Other People When Creating Builds Like Houses!.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week 3

In Week Three, We Started To Finish Off Spawn, We Had Decided That I Would Go Out To Finish Off The Wall Map Which Took Nearly The Entire Session, Once The Wall Map Was Completed, We Would Of Been Finished, Because We Have Finished The Spawn Hub, But Once We Had Been Very Close To Completion Jamie Said We Should Make A Shack, Yes A Shack, Somewhere Near Spawn, For Its Purpose, I Have No Idea What It Will Do, During All Of This, Anton Needed Help So I Went To Help Him With His Elevator And I Ended Up Breaking It, Then Anton Make A New One And I Went Back To Spawn , But Once The Wall Map Needed One  More Map, It Was The n Near Finishing Time, So I Jumped On My Donkey, And Went TO THE BEACH!, Once I Had Gotten There I Had Tied Up My Donkey And Went Fishing :)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week 1

In Week One, We Started To Work On Our Choices On What To Do,
We Decided What Was Important And What Wasn't Important Using A T-Chart (See Below):

We Decided To Write A Minecraft Treaty, To Stop The Problems That Was Happening On The Server, We Had People Griefing, Being Invisible, Killing, Destroying, etc, etc

Since We Also Needed A Map To Know Where Things Are Because Say I Wanted To Go To The Beach But I Got Lost On The Way, We Can Just Take A Look At The Map